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At The Harmony Hub, we offer customized scheduling and pricing options to cater to every client's requirements monthly and quarterly. Additionally, we provide the convenience of in-home private tutoring at your home. Tuitions are due in the first week of every month or quarter. Exciting discount plans are available for quarterly payments. Please don't hesitate to contact me to learn more about these discount plans and how they can benefit you. I'll be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. FIRST LESSON FREE!

In-Person Piano/Vocal Lesson

45-Minutes Lesson

60-Minutes Lesson



In-Person Music Therapy

30-Minutes Session

45-Minutes Session

60-Minutes Session




Early Childhood Music Group Lessons

50-Minutes Lesson
Accommodate 3 - 5 children per group lesson

Call to learn more details.



We recognize that life can be unpredictable. At The Harmony Hub, we offer the flexibility to reschedule a lesson at any time, provided notice is given more than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson. This excludes illness, extreme weather conditions, and family emergencies. You will only be charged for a missed lesson if you did not provide a notice or gave less than 48-hour notice without making any effort to arrange a makeup session. Additionally, it is not possible to reschedule a makeup lesson if the credit was generated from a previous last-minute cancellation. When you choose to pay every quarter, we are pleased to offer up to 2 makeup sessions. These sessions can be scheduled to make up for any missed lessons.

Late to Class

Students are expected to arrive on time for their scheduled music lessons. The designated start time of the lesson should be respected to ensure the maximum benefit from the session. A grace period of 15 minutes will be allowed for unavoidably delayed students regardless of 45- or 60-minute sessions. This grace period accommodates unforeseen circumstances, such as transportation delays or emergencies. If a student anticipates being late, it is a courtesy responsibility to inform the music instructor as soon as possible. The advanced notice allows the instructor to plan accordingly and adjust the schedule. If a student arrives late, the lesson will still conclude at the originally scheduled end time. This ensures that the late arrival does not affect other students' lessons. Students who arrive late will not be entitled to additional makeup sessions for the missed time. It is essential to prioritize punctuality to maintain fairness among all students and to honor the instructor's commitment to the lesson schedule.


To discontinue lessons for any reason, including going on leave, we kindly request that students provide a notice period of two weeks. This notification should be submitted in writing or via email. The termination date will be set as two weeks from the date of the written notification. The remaining/unused tuition will be reimbursed.

Material Fees

If you purchase materials through The Harmony Hub, the fees will be paid to The Harmony Hub.

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